What are essentials to keep your dog healthy.

Dog owners can take care of their dogs by below physical and mental health categories. Exercise Exercise is a great way to improve your dog minds and sharpen their focus. By walking around the neighborhood they can explore various sights and smells. You can hide treats to improve their hunting abilities. Dogs need to get plenty of exercise. Also daily walks can be a bonus to you to have daily exercise with your dog. Nutrition A healthy diet for dog should have a balance of all needed nutrients such as Protein, Fats, Carbohydrates, Vitamins and minerals. it is very important...

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Bathing your dog regularly is showing you care for your pet

Do you know why and how you should bathe your dog?  As every 30 days, your dog skin has a whole new layer of cells, so old cells slough off and makes dander. By regular bathing or grooming, you can keep that dander down. The place of bathing depends on the size of your dog, which can be the kitchen sink, bathtub, or stand-alone units. It is very important to choose a place which is safe in getting in and off. If you dedicate a bath area for your dog, you can prevent clogging your family bathtub from your dog...

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