Bathing your dog regularly is showing you care for your pet

Do you know why and how you should bathe your dog? 

As every 30 days, your dog skin has a whole new layer of cells, so old cells slough off and makes dander. By regular bathing or grooming, you can keep that dander down. The place of bathing depends on the size of your dog, which can be the kitchen sink, bathtub, or stand-alone units. It is very important to choose a place which is safe in getting in and off. If you dedicate a bath area for your dog, you can prevent clogging your family bathtub from your dog fur. Remember, before starting bath your dog you should provide all you need such as shampoo, conditioner, towel, bathrobe, and specially some treats to encourage your dog for future bath. Choose the right shampoo for your dog specially the mild ones and don’t use your shampoo because the pH of your dog's skin is more alkaline than yours. You can use puppy shampoos for cleaning face area. Shampoo takes out the natural oils from the skin and hair, by using conditioner you can rehydrate your dog skin. First dilute some shampoo in the water to spread it better and make it easy to use. Then check the water temperature and wet your dog with warm water. Start washing your dog with a sponge then massage with your hands to spread shampoo all over the body. Rinse your dog with warm water and then use conditioner and keep it for a few minutes and then rinse all over the body to remove all products from the fur. It is very important to clean it to prevent irritation of the skin. After this stage, you can wash the head and face with a washable cloth. Dip it in soapy water and clean face and then use another cloth dip in water to clean soaps. It is recommended to use puppy shampoo to prevent irritating eyes. If by mistake some shampoo dropped in the eyes, you should have some eyewash handy to use it. The last step is drying all the body with a towel. You can use a medium temperature of hair dryer to dry fur and brush the hair. For preventing chills or shivers you can use a dog drying coat or bathrobe. This bathrobe helps your dog feel cozy and warm after a bath and also prevents rubbing wet skin on your furniture. Now give a treat to your dog to make it bath time a happy time for it.

 Reference: Daily Paws

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