These are some tips to keep your dog hair healthy

These are some tips to keep your dog hair healthy

Dog owners have plenty of responsibilities for their dogs such as providing food, clean water, place to stay and grooming properly. Most frustrating things for dog owners are seeing dog hair all around the home. Sometime these are making allergy for sensitive individuals. Dogs shedding is quite common and depend on breeds can be little or too much.

Dog hairs grows in 4 stages:

  • Growth stage name Anagen
  • Regressing stage name Catagen
  • Resting stage name Telogen
  • Shedding stage name Exogen

When Anagen stage is short the shedding is too much. Factors such as age, breed, environmental factors, hormones and health condition effect on growth stages of your dog hair.

In spring and fall most dogs shed extra hair. It is very important to check your dog health if it has shedding more than regular because some diseases like Cancer and immune disease can be the reason.

If you see an unusual shedding of your dog, contact your vet immediately.

It is impossible to stop your dog shedding but here are some tips to take care of it:

  • Give frequently bath to clean your dog.

Don’t bathe your dog too much because it may strip off the natural oils of his skin and make it dry. Because of the skin dryness your dog starts to scratch his skin and wounds infection appears.

  • Have proper bath products for your dog bath time.

Not use human shampoo for your dog because the pH of the skin of dogs are different from human skins also human shampoos will cause skin allergy for dogs.  There is different type of shampoos in the market, try to use them based on the breed of your dog.

  • Have daily plan to brush your dog hair

By brushing your dog hair, you can distribute the skin oil all around his hair and make it shiny, also prevent losing hair.

  • Prepare quality food for your dog

Food directly effects on health of your dog skin and hair, so it is very important to give your dog a good special dog food.

Some nutrition such as Omega 3 are important to make your dog hair shiny. Ask your vet advice about which supplement helps your dog skin health.

Don’t forget your dog skin health is very important for both of you.


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