Thinking about the best present for your pride dog?
Are you looking around for his or her next birthday present and are wondering what the best idea would be?
When you are about to surprise your loved one, why not surprise his luxury friend at the same time?
Have you ever been invited to a paws friend’s party and you want your gift to be stand out?

Then by all means the HAPU Bathrobe would undoubtedly be the perfect answer for all you needed.


Elegant, Adorable and Stylish DOG BATHROBE


Choose between variety of colors and sizes


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Exceptional customer service and great robe

Exceptional customer service and great robe for my fur babies.


Great product

Well, it is a great product, I will recommend this to any dog lovers.


Soft, cozy, and is well made

This bathrobe fits my pug beautifully. It is soft, cozy, and is well made. I am very pleased with this product.

Judy Kisbee

Stylish bathrobe

Everyone that owns a dog should get one of these stylish bathrobe.

Laudelino Genora

Luxurious and absorbent

It is Luxurious and absorbent.


Just love it

I love coming out of bath and jump into my robe that is so soft and comfortable… I really enjoy it and would recommend it to other fur friends. Just love it and how soft it is. woof


Best option for after beach

Best option for after a swim at the beach!


Great customer service

Great customer service experience and amazing quality bath robes that are very cozy.


We love our bathrobes

We love our bathrobes! the dogs bring them on every vacation!


Extremely soft and comfortable

Extremely soft and comfortable, great for me.


We lover it!

We lover it!


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