Product Information

- Hapu hooded bathrobes are made from highly absorbed microfiber towelling material for fast and effective pet drying. They are proudly styled in Canada. The easy fit wrap-around design helps make doggie bath time and water playing a lot less stressful and a lot more fun. They cover the dog’s under belly and hind quarters which need drying the most. Having no leg holes makes them very easy to throw-on and still allow them to wagtails. These functional bathrobes are available in 5 colors (pink, blue, white, orange & beige) with “BEST FRIEND” embroidery design. We are very delighted to put our experience and effort into producing the best design ever.


Man’s Best Freind Deserve Special Gift



For covering all different sizes, Hapu bathrobes are available in 5 different sizes, kindly see size table and find out which size is the proper size for your best friend.

Production Details:

Dries up to 4 times of water
Holds 4 times the volume of the Water
Waistbands band included
Easy fit wrap- around design
Super soft material
Available in 5 different colors
Available in 6 different sizes

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Product Certified Standards

  • Everyone that owns a dog should get one of these stylish bathrobes.

    Laudelino Genora
  • This bathrobe fits my pug beautifully. It is soft, cozy, and is well made. I am very pleased with this product.

    Judy Kisbee
  • Well, it is a great product, I will recommend this to any dog lovers.

    Sara Wright