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Exceptional customer service and great robe

Exceptional customer service and great robe for my fur babies.


Great product

Well, it is a great product, I will recommend this to any dog lovers.


Soft, cozy, and is well made

This bathrobe fits my pug beautifully. It is soft, cozy, and is well made. I am very pleased with this product.

Judy Kisbee

Stylish bathrobe

Everyone that owns a dog should get one of these stylish bathrobe.

Laudelino Genora

Luxurious and absorbent

It is Luxurious and absorbent.


Just love it

I love coming out of bath and jump into my robe that is so soft and comfortable… I really enjoy it and would recommend it to other fur friends. Just love it and how soft it is. woof


Best option for after beach

Best option for after a swim at the beach!


Great customer service

Great customer service experience and amazing quality bath robes that are very cozy.


We love our bathrobes

We love our bathrobes! the dogs bring them on every vacation!


Extremely soft and comfortable

Extremely soft and comfortable, great for me.


We lover it!

We lover it!


Super comfy and super cute!

I love this bathrobe! It is perfect for after a bath – my pup can lounge around the house in it while she is still damp. And, she looks absolutely adorable in it! Great product!

Emily Kho

So very soft!! These robes

So very soft!! These robes are great after a bath here where it’s been chilly and helps the dogs dry faster. Extra bonus, it’s super cute!

Erin Houston

Luxurious Bathrobe

Treat your pups right!!! Such a high quality bathrobe!!! It’s been perfect for these cold winter days especially after bath time. It’s been amazing for keeping them warm, dry, and cozy. My pups can be found lounging and snoozing in their bathrobes all day, they love it!! They love it, I love it… win win!


Amazing quality

Absolutely love our hapu bath robe ! Keeps my pup warm and cozy after bath time and makes drying time so quick !!! The robe is super soft and plush ! We just love our HAPU bath robe ! Also amazing customer service !

Amanda nersesian

So Convenient!

My beagle always goes and rubs on her smelly dog bed after a bath or rubs on our bed getting it all wet. This perfectly fitting bath robe keeps her from doing either of those things! I also love having this for her if I want to give her a bath at the pet store in the winter! I was super impressed by how soft this robe was! The colours are vibrant and the hood gets smaller around the face so that it doesn’t go down over your dog’s eyes! Definitely everything I was looking for and more! Well worth the money!! 😀

Brittney Dow

I absolutely love the bath

I absolutely love the bath robe. Winston looks so cute and it helps him dry off after the bath.

Winston Silfies

Loveeee this robe! It is

Loveeee this robe! It is so soft and the perfect addition for our bath time routine. My dog dries in half the time and rather than running around and rubbing himself on all of my furniture, cozies up in his robe on his bed. Wish I had got this sooner!


Super cute and comfy!

I love this bathrobe! It is super cute and is perfect for right after baths, lounging around while still damp. The robe soaks up any leftover water from the bath, and my pup looks adorable wearing it!

Emily Kho

So cozy! Super practical for bath time

We absolutely love this bathrobe. So soft and perfect for bath time. It prevents Winston from rubbing his wet fur on the ground.

Winston Silfies

Super cozy and practical for bath time!

Perfect for bath time. Winston looks absolutely adorable. Very practical and prevents him from rubbing his wet fur on the floor after a bath.

Winston Silfies

So soft! Like floating in a cloud!

This is our favorite robe! It is so exceptionally soft. Not only is the robe great for drying off quickly after the bath, but it is super cute and great to wear as lounge wear when I am working hard at home. Customer service has been A++ will definitely order from them again.

Rico Martin

Soft and vibrant

A wonderful robe! Its incredibly soft, the colors are vibrant and it fits my pup perfectly. He loves wearing it around the house. Great for relaxing on a lazy day.


Super practical and adorable

So comfortable and adorable! Perfect for bath time so our dog doesn’t rub around on the carpet while wet!


Absolutely love these robes !

Absolutely love these robes ! So
Soft and plush and amazing quality ! The customer service is amazing also ! Thank you hapu bath robes !

amanda bunyak

Making bath time quicker and more stylish

Drying my samoyed after a bath can be a big ordeal. With so much hair, it can be daunting. Our HAPU bath robe makes drying off quicker and more stylish! The robe is so soft and beautiful on my boy! Thank you HAPU for a great product!
-Victoria & Tiberius

Victoria Obrien

LOVE this robe!

This is the cutest and softest robe ever! My pop typically doesn’t like to wear clothing, but he happily wears this and enjoys it too! It does great in the wash, soft and cozy and I only wish that it came in human size!
it’s perfect for after bath time and extra absorbent if your dog likes to jump on the couch or the bed when wet!
We love it! Order one and you won’t be disappointed!

Teresa Hanula

Love Love Love this Robe

What can I say about this robe? Love it. It is so soft, warm, and cozy. It fits perfectly. Very high quality. I would recommend Hapu Bath Robes to anyone!!


So soft and comfy!

We received this bathrobe for our dog. It is really soft and luxurious! It is just perfect for after a bath! Great quality and customer service. We had an issue with sizing and it was addressed immediately. Very happy and definitely recommend.

Debbie Sykuta

So cozy! Super practical for bath time

We absolutely love this bathrobe. So soft and perfect for bath time. It prevents Winston from rubbing his wet fur on the ground.

Winston Silfies


Obsessed with this robe. It fit my dog perfectly and it’s so thick, plush, luxurious, and high quality. I’ve very impressed and couldn’t recommend it more!


Bochy loves his bathrobe.

This bathrobe is so luxurious that my frenchie would wear it all day if I let him. It’s perfect for after bath time. Love it.

Michelle Chambers

Beautiful luxurious and quick drying bathrobe

I absolutely love this luxurious bathrobe and the aqua color I chose. My pup ginger dried very quickly after her bath and the robe stayed on due to its design. Having her step into 2 front legs kept the robe in place.
I have had so many compliments as well. I will order the pink one for Brandy very soon.

Amy coiteux

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